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Biofuels, Heating Oil, Propane and Diesel

EIA: Oil Prices to Rise, RINS Drop

Posted on August 10, 2023

The latest forecasting from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA…

Corporate Responsibility and Growth at Chevron Renewable Energy Group

Posted on July 18, 2023

When Renewable Energy Group (REG) was acquired by Chevron last year, the co…

EIA Report: Biofuels are Displacing Petroleum-Based Distillate Fuel Oil Consumption

Posted on July 17, 2023

As reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), consumptio…

Now is the Time to Start Conversations About Next Year’s Biodiesel Supply

Posted on June 7, 2023

Renewable liquid fuel dealers require a reliable, year-round supply of biod…

New ASTM Specification for Low Metals Grade of B100

Posted on June 7, 2023

ASTM International has approved a new Low Metals (LM) grade of biodiesel in…

Focus on Decarbonization

Posted on June 7, 2023

Eastern Energy Expo takes on the challenges of lower carbon fuels.

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