Friday, September 30, 2022

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The Inflation Reduction Act: What’s in it for Heating Fuel Dealers?

Posted on September 16, 2022

NEFI summarizes “the most impactful piece of federal legislation” in indust…

The Legacy of Jack Sullivan

Posted on September 15, 2022

A NEFI Legend and Industry Giant

New World Marketing

Posted on September 14, 2022

What the IRA means for your marketing campaigns

Reality Check

Posted on September 14, 2022

Northeast states look to lower carbon fuels in climate plans

NORA Opens Industry’s First Net-Zero Home

Posted on September 14, 2022

Field demonstration to prove that residential carbon emissions can be reduc…

Renewable Liquid Heating Fuel Policies in the Northeast States: 2022

Posted on September 14, 2022

A list of current state requirements and incentives compiled by Oil & Energ…

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