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Take Action and Take Control of Your Future at Industry Summit VI and Visions ‘24


What’s concerning you most about the future of the liquid heating fuels market? Could it be the looming threat of carbon taxes and regulations? Is it the nine governors, representing 80-90 percent of the heating oil market, who signed a memorandum agreeing to phase out conventional heating systems for electric heat pumps. Did your state join 24 others in the fall of 2023 pledging to install at least 20 million electric heat pumps? Are you worried about how to manage regulatory changes for clean heat standards? Maybe you are just trying to figure out how to explain low carbon and renewable fuels to your customers.

If any of these issues are keeping you up at night, you need to attend Visions Conference and Industry Summit next month, April 30-May 1, Weehawken, NJ.

“We are at another crossroads, as significant, if not more so, as when we developed the Providence Resolution. Five years ago, we saw the hurricane coming. It’s here now. The Industry Summit will look at how your family business can weather the storm and come out stronger,” said NEFI President Sean Cota.

These issues and more will be the agenda for “Take Action and Take Control of Your Future, Industry Summit VI.” NEFI promises that: “This year’s industry summit will be unlike any other, as we face challenges unlike any other. We will celebrate the successes and technological advances of the last six years and look at ways that you can participate in creating a profitable and successful future for your business and the industry.

“The electrify everything laws and regulations are already being passed – this is not a problem that can be wished away. We have made great strides in offering a real-world solution to climate change and carbon emissions by offering bio-based, renewable liquid heating fuels. You need to act now.”

Cota highlighted some of the specific issues that will be addressed during the summit, including:

  • Fossil fuel charges and carbon taxes will be assessed on our industry. In some states, the charges could be between $0.50 per gallon and $1.50 per gallon, and will be assessed months after the sale, possibly as long as a year.
  • Companies that learn to manage these fees will remain strong despite the increased fees and regulations. The companies that don’t plan and want to just “sell fuel” will be out of business.
  • Customers want to know they can reduce GHG emissions with our fuels for modest or no additional cost. Retailers will need to know how to talk to them.
  • Acquisitions are on the rise. Owners in some marketers are getting above-market rates as bidding wars ensue for well-positioned companies.

The Visions 2024 conference will also feature tabletop exhibitors and high-level education and leadership focused business sessions. Visit VisionsConference.com for the full list of vendors, sessions and sponsors.

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