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All Eyes on Visions ‘24


The National Energy and Fuels Industry (NEFI) Visions Conference and Industry Summit VI was held April 30-May 1, after this issue had gone to press. We will provide a full recap, with highlights and photos, in June.

The Visions Conference is an intimate 2-day program with educational sessions, industry meetings, and a tabletop trade show floor that was last presented in 2018. In the intervening years, NEFI and its partners have presented the full, three-day HEAT Show which included a full trade show floor, a full technical education track, and the Legends gala honoring lifelong industry leaders. The HEAT Show will return in 2025.

This year’s Visions Conference is slated to feature a keynote presentation from Travis Fisher of the Cato Institute during Wednesday’s Industry Summit. Fisher served as a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy during the Trump Administration. In his keynote address, Fisher will tackle the challenges presented by government policies pushing for rapid electrification, emphasizing the importance of energy diversity and consumer choice.

Other sessions scheduled for the show include:

  • Clean Heat Standards and Other Market-Based Regulatory Programs Shaping the Future of the Thermal Sector
  • An Inside Look at Performance & Benefits of Renewable Fuels
  • Selling Your Business or Buying Another’s: Top 4 Issues That Delay or Halt a Closing Business
  • There’s Nothing Artificial about Artificial Intelligence
  • B100 is here. What’s next? Innovation to maximize service efficiency and customer retention.
  • Fuel Your Future: The Ultimate Growth and Succession Workshop
  • EL: The Negative-Carbon Heating Fuel – Update w/ Biofine & NORA
  • The Broken Electric Grid: This is what it means for your business and opportunities.
  • NORA Activities
  • Mitigate Microbial Contamination in Your Fuel System Using These Simple Tools
  • HAL, SkyNet, or C3PO? What AI and Digital Marketing Could Mean to Your Marketing

The 2024 Visions Conference ’24 and Industry Summit was sponsored by the following industry partners:

Platinum Sponsors:

  • Global Partners
  • PriMedia, Inc.

Gold Sponsors:

  • Beckett
  • Chevron Renewable Energy Group

Silver Sponsors:

  • Carlin Combustion Technology/Hydrolevel Company
  • Trask

Industry Summit Sponsors:

  • Cubby Oil & Energy
  • Diversified Energy Specialists

Industry Summit Keynote Sponsors:

  • Approved
  • Hart Home Comfort

Education Sponsor:
Clean Fuels Alliance America

Federal Policy Lunch Sponsor:
Energy Kinetics

Wednesday Breakfast Sponsor:
Cetane Associations

Registration Sponsor:
Warm Thoughts Communications

Tuesday Breakfast Sponsor:
Star Group

Tuesday Break Sponsor:

Lanyard Sponsor:
Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc.

Coffee Sponsors:
Buckeye Partners and Gray3

Media Partner:
Oil & Energy

Biofuels, Heating Oil, Propane and Diesel
May 2024
Industry Summit
Visions '24

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