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The Best Laid Plans

New customer opinion and loyalty data might mean a change to your marketing strategies for the upcoming heating season
The plan, much as it existed, was to write an article for September discussing marketing through the heating season – what you might be doing, what you should have thought about… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/best-laid-plans/

Ignore the Company Video for Now

Why marketing strategy should be considered before marketing tactics
The great thing about marketing is that it is always evolving. There are consistently new thoughts on how to best reach customers, new technologies to promote products and… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/ignore-company-video-now/

From “I Wish…” to “Oh WOW!”

How a custom data integration platform can increase operational efficiencies and profits
When you try to take stock of your office and operational systems, do they resemble a Frankensteinian nightmare built by Rube Goldberg and M.C. Escher? There are lots of moving… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/i-wish-oh-wow/

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