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The Best Laid Plans

New customer opinion and loyalty data might mean a change to your marketing strategies for the upcoming heating season
The plan, much as it existed, was to write an article for September discussing marketing through the heating season – what you might be doing, what you should have thought about… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/best-laid-plans/

All Eyes on Margins

Cloud technology offers hedgers more accurate statements, deeper insight
Another hedging season (and summer) is about to end, and another heating season (and winter) is right around the corner. How will you keep track of your margins, specifically the… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/all-eyes-margins/

Energy Kinetics Dealer Schools Teens

New heating and plumbing class for northern Maine’s high school students starts this fall
The HVAC industry’s nationwide labor shortage is well documented, but maybe easiest to notice in less populous areas like northern Maine. According to a report from Stepwise Data… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/energy-kinetics-dealer-schools-teens/

Policy Pressures Rising

More climate measures introduced in House & Senate
At a hearing titled “Building America’s Clean Future: Pathways to Decarbonize the Economy,” Democratic leaders of the Energy & Commerce Committee said they would work to achieve… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/policy-pressures-rising/

Tremcar USA to Host Grand Opening

On September 19, truck builder Tremcar USA will celebrate the grand opening of its newly upgraded, eight-bay service center in Strasburg, Ohio.
On September 19, truck builder Tremcar USA will celebrate the grand opening of its newly upgraded, eight-bay service center in Strasburg, Ohio. Tremcar leaders are eager to… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/tremcar-usa-host-grand-opening/

Welcome to Safety Jeopardy

“What is a fun way for employees to review rules and regulations?”
During the Summer, our safety team likes to break from the norm, and review safety issues in a fun and productive game of Safety Jeopardy. The game has become very popular with… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/welcome-safety-jeopardy/

Price Went Up

FMCSA increases fines for trucking violations
On July 31, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) increased the civil penalty amounts that drivers and carriers can be fined for violating federal trucking… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/price-went/

In Sync or Not

Ideal drop’s correlation to runout statistics
As our desire for incremental improvement appears to be accelerating in all areas of the business and delivery in particular, I have been spending much of my time evaluating… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/sync-or-not/

Ignore the Company Video for Now

Why marketing strategy should be considered before marketing tactics
The great thing about marketing is that it is always evolving. There are consistently new thoughts on how to best reach customers, new technologies to promote products and… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/ignore-company-video-now/

What Kind of Acquisition Will You Make?

Know how to structure the deal and the reasons behind it
Did you know that there are two distinct types of acquisitions in the energy industry? And the type of acquisition you make will affect your negotiations when striking a deal.… https://oilandenergyonline.com/articles/all/what-kind-acquisition-will-you-make/

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