Thursday, November 30, 2023


Slipstream Premium Marine Fuel Stakes Territory in New Jersey

Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc. (AFS) recently announced the addition of six New Jersey locations to its growing roster of marinas representing Slipstream® Premium Marine Fuel.

The locations— Morrison’s Marina (Beach Haven), MarineMax (Somers Point), Causeway Marina (Manahawkin), Drum Point (Brick), Southwicks (Beach Haven), and Chadwick Island Marina (Lavallette)—will be serviced by Slipstream distributor Taylor Oil Company, an early adopter of the brand.

“Slipstream is, in our estimation, the highest quality diesel and gasoline marine fuel additive available on the market today,” said Taylor Oil General Manager Ron Francesconi. “Beyond the superior performance of the fuel itself, Slipstream is helping these marinas to differentiate themselves and build customer loyalty within their markets.”

Introduced to the market by AFS in 2014, Slipstream is commercially blended with fuel performance enhancers to ensure greater efficiency and improved engine performance. The premium additive brand offers treatments for both gasoline and diesel engines, eliminating fuel deficiencies, optimizing performance, and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

“We feel that the marine fuel market warrants a new and improved product that utilizes today’s most advanced chemical technology to meet the challenges associated with 21st-century gasoline and diesel,” said AFS president Paul Nazzaro. “We created Slipstream to give boaters a better choice at the dock, to give marinas a higher performing fuel with which to distinguish themselves, and to raise the standard of quality, service, and innovation in the marine fuel industry as a whole.”

Slipstream marina partners have access to comprehensive signage, technical and marketing support, as well as fuel quality oversight to ensure that every gallon of Slipstream gasoline and diesel meets the highest standards of performance.

For more information, visit www.yourfuelsolution.com.

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