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Re-energizing Upgrade & Save


The Connecticut Energy Marketers Association (CEMA) has partnered with U.S. Boiler Company to increase dollar amounts available to consumers through the Upgrade & Save Connecticut Energy Efficiency and Safety Rebate Program.

Upgrade & Save Connecticut incentivizes the installation of higher-efficiency oil-fired heating systems and aboveground storage tanks. The program traditionally receives funding from the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA), which also funds Upgrade & Save programs and similar rebates offered through other state associations. Now, for the first time in Upgrade & Save history, an equipment manufacturer has given its endorsement and partnered with a state association offering the rebate program.

U.S. Boiler Company has agreed to co-fund consumer rebates for any of three oil-fired Burnham boiler models. CEMA has agreed to match these funds using its reserved NORA dollars. The balance of the rebate amount continues to come direct from NORA.

Upgrade & Save Connecticut is offering consumers a $1,000 rebate on a Burnham MPO-IQ oil-fired water boiler with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 87, a Burnham MegaSteam (MST) oil-fired steam boiler with an AFUE of 86, or a Burnham V8H oil-fired water boiler with an AFUE of 85. Although there are three separate funding sources, consumers continue to receive their rebates in a single lump-sum payment.

“CEMA’s goal is to keep as many homeowners with oilheat as possible, and Burnham is helping us make that a reality with what we believe is the largest rebate in the industry,” said CEMA President Chris Herb. “We are excited about the opportunity that this rebate presents to retailers in Connecticut and the savings it will translate to for their customers. Other fuels have successfully used these incentives to attract and retain customers, and now we can stand toe-to-toe with them. With the pressure from the government to lower carbon emissions, upgrading to a high-efficiency heating system that uses Bioheat® fuel is the recipe for future success.”

Since launching in 2016, Upgrade & Save has provided 1,307 participating Connecticut homes with a combined total of $423,200 for high-efficiency heating systems and aboveground storage tanks. A total of 159 Connecticut fuel dealers are registered participants.  

“This is a major step forward for Upgrade & Save Connecticut and something we’ve had in mind since PriMedia began the program in 2016,” said PriMedia Creative Director John Bruno. “U.S. Boiler Company demonstrated great vision in recognizing the value of Upgrade & Save, and we expect that other equipment manufacturers will soon look to partner with associations offering the rebate program in other states.”

In addition to the Burnham rebates, Upgrade & Save Connecticut continues to provide the following rebates for oil-fired heating systems of any other brand: $650 for an oil-fired boiler or furnace with an AFUE of 90 or higher, $300 for an oil-fired boiler with an AFUE of 85 to 89, $300 for an oil-fired furnace with an AFUE of 83 to 89, $300 for a new aboveground double-wall/safety-reinforced heating oil storage tank, and $150 for a new aboveground single-wall heating oil storage tank.

A limit of two rebates applies per participating household, for a maximum consumer incentive of $1,300 (i.e., $1,000 for eligible Burnham boiler plus $300 for qualifying aboveground storage tank). Consumers can find out more about the program and dealers can register at UpgradeandSaveCT.com.

Equipment manufacturers and associations in other states looking to become involved can contact John Bruno (516-222-2041 or jbruno@primediany.com) for additional information.

Heating, Cooling and HVAC
January-February 2020
U.S. Boiler Company

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