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Five Ways to Navigate a Warm Winter

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It is important to not overreact to a warm winter like the one we just had, but rather to be prepared for the next time another one comes along. There is a temptation to hunker down and cut costs, but the reality is that modern back office software can help your company withstand a warm winter season.

Cargas recently published Five Ways to Navigate a Warm Winter, an in-depth guide that explains how modern technology can make a company stronger and more resilient. The document examines five areas where strong back office software can help improve company performance under all conditions.

  1. Achieve better margins: When degree days are low overall, every company endures low demand. The keys to soften the blow are to have better margins and outperform your competition. Modern back office software will help you understand and manage your margins.

  2. Increase delivery efficiency: Companies often reduce staff when demand is low, but that approach is disruptive and fails to address the underlying inefficiencies that are the real threat to profitability in a warm winter season.

  3. Improve cash flow: Keeping cash flow strong is most important when overall revenue numbers are down, and modern back office software can provide a clear view of receivables—and help you collect on them.

  4. Diversify: Modern software can provide vital support when a company is looking to grow stronger through diversification.

  5. Improve customer satisfaction: The best way to outperform your competition and withstand a warm winter season is by keeping your customers happy, and modern software can help your business deliver the kind of prompt, effective service that today’s customers expect from a top provider.

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