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Carlin Begins Production on UL Listed B100 Burners


Carlin Combustion Technology has announced the launch of their B100 burner

Carlin Combustion Technology has announced the launch their B100 burner. Effective November 20, 2023, production of all Carlin residential burners transitioned to their new UL Listed B100 burner design, suitable for use with biofuel blends up to and including B100.

Carlin’s launch of a B100 burner line represents a significant stride toward sustainability and a low-carbon future for the Oilheat industry. The burner is the result of years of experimentation and long-term cycle testing. It is designed to provide optimal performance with all fuels from B5 to B100, providing customers with the flexibility to be ready for higher blends, both today and in the future.



The B100 burners look similar to the B20 rated burners they replace. The new burners, however, contain multiple refinements to optimize long-term performance with higher blends of biodiesel. These include small, but impactful, changes to the combustion head assembly, a B100 rated pump, and the adoption of their programmable Pro-X 70200 primary control, now factory set to enhance performance regardless of the blend level of the fuel. Coupled with the launch of the B100 burner, Carlin also introduced their conversion guide, outlining the simple steps to upgrade older burners to B100 capability.

The political and regulatory environment in recent years has made it clear to the Oilheat industry that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option. In 2019, the Oilheat industry committed to a low-carbon future by unanimously ratifying a resolution put forth by The National Energy & Fuels Institute (NEFI) that called for a 15% reduction in carbon emissions by 2023, followed by a 40% reduction by 2030 and Net Zero emissions by 2050. Unlike other decarbonization strategies, the Oilheat trade has a huge advantage: Biodiesel. Over the past few years, when a single oil dealer moved from No 2 oil to a B20 blend, they reduced the carbon output of their entire customer base by 15%. As higher blend fuels become readily available, dealers can continue to decarbonize their customers’ homes with only minor equipment modifications until the industry’s Net Zero target is achieved.

While the introduction of this new burner is an important milestone, Carlin will continue to play an active role in the industry’s move to biodiesel blends. They are currently assisting appliance manufacturers who are already working toward rating their appliances for higher fuel blends. Carlin will also continue to collaborate with the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) and other allies on continued fuel refinements in the years ahead.

Carlin recognizes that the industry’s path to B100 will likely be long and uneven. Today, some dealers have already moved beyond B20 while others are still delivering B5. Carlin’s objective in launching its B100 burner is to ensure that dealers have a burner they can trust to fire whatever blend they are delivering.

Heating, Cooling and HVAC
November-December 2023
Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc.

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