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Booster Expands Coast to Coast


Mobile fuel delivery services launched in Boston and Philadelphia

In response to growing demand from enterprise fleets looking to optimize costs, lower carbon emissions and source renewable fuels, mobile energy delivery company Booster® announced that it is expanding services across the U.S. with several new market launches.

The company recently launched in three new markets — Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia; and Boston — and will be in a fourth, Phoenix, Arizona, in October. Booster continues to scale up operations and expand its service area to meet growing demand from large-scale enterprise customers such as Amazon and UPS, which continue to see unprecedented growth.

“We are thrilled to establish a coast-to-coast presence and launch operations in these four new markets,” said Frank Mycroft, Booster co-founder and CEO. “Given the shifts in the global energy landscape — rising fuel costs, growing challenges and delays around wide-scale electrification, concerns about supply chain disruption — enterprise customers are increasingly looking for reliable energy delivery [providers] who can help reduce these pain points. Energy-as-a-service will become even more critical as we navigate these ongoing challenges.”

Phoenix will mark the company’s 13th major market following its recent expansion. All told, the company currently has offices in Boston (which also services Providence, Rhode Island), Dallas; Orange County, California; Nashville, Tennessee; Philadelphia; Portland; Richmond, California; Sacramento, California; San Diego; San Jose, California; Seattle; and Washington, D.C. (which also services Maryland).

The new markets enable Booster to deliver tens of millions of gallons of fuel, with plans to increase growth and volume in Philadelphia, Boston, and Phoenix by the end of the year.

“We expect to see accelerated growth across these markets, with several new market launches planned for 2023,” said Amy O’Neil, Booster chief operating officer. “None of this growth would be possible without the commitment of our customers, and the dedication and collaboration of our partners to further expand the Booster network. We are thrilled to help our customers optimize their fleet operations to best serve their customers by maximizing their vehicle and human capital assets.”

Booster advocates for legislation permitting mobile fueling at the state level, and works closely with policymakers and local regulators to pass mobile fueling permits and ordinances as demand for the service expands. In total, Booster has received permits to operate in more than 50 cities and counties across the U.S.

Low carbon fuel producer and supplier Renewable Energy Group (REG, now Chevron Renewable Energy Group) announced a partnership with Booster in November 2021.

Under the partnership, REG’s UltraClean Blend™ and other renewable fuels are delivered to customers via Booster’s proprietary trucks, last-mile technology platform and certified drivers. The collaboration began serving fleet customers in select areas of California, with plans for additional markets to follow.

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