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Big Data Impacts Modern Forecasting Systems

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It’s always a good idea to be prepared, but there’s no point in putting snow tires on your car if it’s not going to snow. And just because it’s December, it doesn’t mean you should wear a winter coat when it’s 70 degrees outside.

Simply put, weather is unpredictable, and Seasonal K factors require you to make big forecasting decisions based on expectations rather than reality. ADD Systems forecasting is different. It reacts to real-time weather, so you can stop guessing every year about when the seasons are going to change and instead allow the real-world data to give you the right answers.

ADD offers exceptionally efficient forecasting through the use of its proprietary forecasting algorithm and big data. Accounts utilize both a Heat Burning Factor and Non-Heat Burning Factor that react to the actual degree-days accumulated each and every day. The system calculates the amount of product consumed for heat and non-heat, and, with streamlined exception reporting, ADD helps you analyze and fine-tune your K-Factors for accurate forecasting and efficient drops.

Applying the right forecasting method, along with having a system that knows how to make sense of all the big data around you, will save you time and money. ADD Systems knows because we forecast over 30 million deliveries a year across the United States and Canada. ADD has converted many energy companies from Seasonal K factor systems, and customers have found the transition to be seamless and easy to understand. Most importantly, every transition has resulted in a net effect of increased delivery productivity and increased drop sizes.

The ADD forecasting algorithm has been in place for over 40 years, and through a modern-day approach using big data, it’s been improved to create a system that is grounded in experience and poised for the future of your business. We invite you to take advantage of our unique method and make forecasting decisions with all the data you need.

To learn more about how ADD Systems can help you make forecasting decisions please visit www.addsys.com.

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