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Approved Oil Is Cleaning Up NYC


In the summer of 2023, Approved Oil won one of the largest fuel contracts in history: supplying approximately 12-13 million gallons of renewable diesel for all of New York City’s municipal fleets.

Vincent Theurer, Jr., Business Development Executive at Approved, remarked, “This is a significant milestone for New York City, benefiting government sectors, fleet operations, energy companies, public health, and advocates of green initiatives. It’s remarkable progress, a win-win that promotes sustainability and offers people additional choices for clean energy.”

To date, the Brooklyn based company has supplied nearly 7 million gallons of Renewable Diesel to the heavy-duty fleets of various New York City departments. These include the Departments of Sanitation, Environmental Protection, Corrections, Transportation, and Parks and Recreation, along with the New York Police Department and the Fire Department.

Chris Fazio, Vice President of Approved Oil, commented, “We are supporting a diverse fleet of heavy-duty trucks that are engaged in essential and emergency operations throughout the city.” He continued, “Every department has successfully transitioned to Renewable Diesel. The emergency services, notably the NYPD and FDNY, needed assurance of our fuel’s dependability for their crucial work. I’m happy to say the switch has gone smoothly without any issues, marking a notable success.”

The company is dedicated to providing sustainable energy solutions that not only reduce emissions but also ensure reliable performance, no matter the weather. To that end, Approved is delivering an arctic blend renewable diesel developed for performance for below-zero temperatures, with lower cold flow and cloud points than conventional diesel, without the need for any additives. The company estimates an immediate 65-70 percent reduction in emissions with the RD. They see their success this past winter, with no cold weather issues, as a significant step forward in promoting sustainable energy choices within the transportation sector.

According to Daniel Falcone, Wholesale Division Sales Manager at Soundview Energy/Approved Oil, the renewable diesel lasts three times longer than traditional diesel, and has a cetane of more than 93, compared to regular diesel’s 50.

“The City made the decision to use a premium product to reach the carbon reduction standard they set for themselves, even before the State has decided on a low carbon standard. The return on investment with renewable diesel is instant. You can’t electrify these vehicles, and the grid wouldn’t be able to meet that demand. But with the renewable diesel, they’re getting results right away,” Falcone said.

Before the NYC contract, there were minimal amounts of RD coming into the area, and Approved did not have resources or a supply chain in place. Most RD is produced or shipped to the West Coast to meet the California, Washington, and Oregon Clean Fuels Standards. Fazio, Theurer and Falcone credit Nicholas Fasano, Jr., Executive Vice President of Soundview Energy, for pulling all the details together. Fazio stated, “Nick played a key role in this project from beginning to end, doing a great job coordinating all
aspects of supply chain and logistics.”

“Everyone was important. This deal needed everyone’s individual skill sets,” Fasano responded modestly. “It’s a historic change for the industry and the City. Approved has always had a progressive mindset, a conscious desire to serve what their customer wants. That’s their mandate.”

Before the contract could even be considered, the City needed reassurance that the fuel would be viable. Approved provided manufacturer guidance, lab work, fuel testing, cold weather analysis, and more, while NYC did its own due diligence. Once the contract was in place, there were supply lines, risk management, distribution and delivery to downstream tanks, and numerous other details that had to be developed and managed, as well as billing, backend requirements, reporting and more.

“The key was to make sure the City never runs out of fuel,” Fasano stressed.

Fazio emphasized, “Approved Oil aligns with New York City’s environmental goals. Our aim is not to be identified simply as an oil company, but rather as a provider of renewable and sustainable fuels, highlighting the advantages of renewables and biofuels. We believe in offering a variety of options, allowing consumers to choose, understanding that there’s no single solution for everyone. For the success of green initiatives, sustainable fuels are crucial, and renewable diesel fits perfectly as a versatile, drop-in fuel.”

Approved Oil is looking to the future, expanding their distribution of renewable diesel to public, private, and municipal operations in the City as well as surrounding states and counties. They anticipate that legislative changes and consumer interest will drive the market for renewable fuels. Since they forged the supply lines for the NYC contract, they’ve seen other wholesalers come on board and begin to offer renewable diesel. That’s a good thing, according to Approved’s team, as it means fewer emissions for all.

To learn more about Approved Oil’s renewable diesel and other services, contact Vincent Theurer at (718) 238-1050 or email vct@approvedoil.com.

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