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2024 Rate Card & Media Kit

Oil & Energy is the most informative and interesting magazine for full-service heating oil and propane retailers. As these marketers adapt to changes in the marketplace and the regulatory spheres, they look to Oil & Energy for cutting-edge ideas and expert advice from the industry’s best minds Oil & Energy Magazine, a leading authority on Oilheat, Propane, Diesel, Biofuels, HVAC, Hedging, Tank Monitoring, Energy Efficiency, and more, delivering 48 pages of essential coverage every month. We offer six advertisement venues: 


  • Oil & Energy Online, expanding coverage across the whole world of energy, with bonus content in a dynamic blog and photo gallery
  • @Oil&Energy, the magazine’s monthly e-newsletter gives readers their first look at what’s coming up next
  • National Energy & Fuels Institute Membership Guide – one of the heating oil and propane marketer’s most trusted resources, distributed annually and kept within close reach by the industry’s decision makers
  • NEFI.com – the official website of the National Energy & Fuels Institute, mobile-responsive and better than ever
  • NEON – distributed weekly, the NEFI Energy Online Newsletter includes updates from Capitol Hill, regulatory developments, and need-to-know industry news

When you advertise in Oil & Energy, you support NEFI, a leading advocate for the retail fuel industry.

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