Friday, November 15, 2019


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In Sync or Not

Ideal drop’s correlation to runout statistics
As our desire for incremental improvement appears to be accelerating in all areas of the business and delivery in particular, I have been spending much of my time evaluating…

From “I Wish…” to “Oh WOW!”

How a custom data integration platform can increase operational efficiencies and profits
When you try to take stock of your office and operational systems, do they resemble a Frankensteinian nightmare built by Rube Goldberg and M.C. Escher? There are lots of moving…

Gaslog Tank Monitors Increase Delivery Efficiency & Customer Loyalty

Bigger drop sizes and happier customers: a winning combination for propane marketers
The use of remote tank monitors in the propane industry has steadily increased and for good reason. As in other industries, information is power. Armed with tank monitor data,…

The Tank Monitoring Evolution Continues

As adoption and profits increase, so do technological capabilities and possibilities
The reasons for and benefits of adopting tank monitors have been covered pretty exhaustively in past issues of Oil & Energy. One provider summed them up succinctly. “In all tank…

Woodfin Selects ADD Systems for Convenience Store Software

In addition to ADD eStore® for the convenience stores, Woodfin will implement Atlas Reporting®, ADD Systems’ business intelligence and reporting solution
Advanced Digital Data, Inc. (ADD Systems®), a leading supplier of software solutions to the convenience store and energy distribution industries, recently announced its…

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