Friday, January 17, 2020


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Lack of Readiness Delays CDL Rule Revisions

Don’t give up your Medical Certificate just yet. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has delayed implementation for another year.

Eleven Benefits of Real-time Mobile

It’s 2014. Aren’t we supposed to be in flying cars by now? Aren’t all delivery drivers and service technicians supposed to be using real-time connected mobile devices? Maybe. But investing in mobile technology for an entire fleet is still a large enough p…

Equipping Your Fuel Trucks

Oilheat and propane delivery trucks are the backbone of any fuel delivery operation, and their performance can vary widely depending on the equipment you use on board. In this issue, Oil & Energy is taking a look at truck equipment and mobile technology a…

Welcome to Oil & Energy Online

Welcome to the new Oil & Energy Online website and blog! As we continue improving our coverage of the retail fuel and home comfort industries, we are adding more online coverage and breaking news.

How Energy Independent is America?

Growing U.S. oil production has led to recent calls by the oil industry to lift the 40-year-old ban on crude exports. At issue are U.S. policies that were enacted following the Middle East oil embargo back in 1973.

Feed the Giant

Take advantage of Google+ publishing to improve your company’s search performance

Proposed Rule Would Shake Up Drug & Alcohol Testing

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released the long awaited Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Clearinghouse. Required by Congress and requested by industry figures, this regimen w…

Extending the Data Network to the Truck

ADD Systems offers fuel retailers the ability to manage and communicate fuel delivery data from the delivery truck to the back office and out to the customer by combining the Raven® mobile platform with other ADD Systems products.

Ukraine Conflict Could Influence Struggle Between Heating Oil and Natural Gas

The conflict in Ukraine pitting Russia against the West could wind up affecting the market share struggle between heating oil and natural gas by driving up natural gas prices sooner than expected.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fuel Truck

Oil and Energy recently reached out to John Faris III, Vice President at Oilmen’s Truck Tanks, Inc. to discuss the process of buying and outfitting a new tank truck.

Looking Ahead to May Oil & Energy

There may be two feet of fresh snow in Vermont and freezing temperatures across much of the Northeast, but the Oil & Energy Online team has our minds in May. Our April issue will be going to press soon, and the we’ll be immersed in our May coverage, which…

Extreme Conditions Expose Basis Risk

Rack prices of heating oil pulled higher and higher away from the spot NYMEX HO (ULSD) futures contract price this heating season, eating into capped price program margins for gallons hedged only with paper (call options).

Cost of Propane Heating Rises by More Than Half

Households that heat with propane have been hit hard by this winter’s rising prices, which were brought on by a combination of factors, including a large drawdown in the Midwest to dry a very wet corn harvest and then, of course, the polar vortex. When al…

Managing Risk Means Managing People

Reducing risk in a fuel delivery operation – and insurance premiums – means paying attention to a lot of different details.

NORA is Back

After a four-year outage, Oilheat has a check-off program again

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