Monday, September 16, 2019


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Taking Control of Credit Card Costs

Fuel companies can save a lot on processing fees when customers pay their bills with the right credit cards, and payment processor Avatas is helping companies move to a more profitable credit card mix.

Controlling Costs and Staying Competitive

It’s the endless pursuit of controlling costs that drives us to innovate—finding new ways to be more productive and run our companies more efficiently. Fortunately, there are some pretty useful tools out there that are also up to the task.

Getting Delivery Costs Under Control, Wirelessly

One of the keys to controlling fuel delivery costs is managing the oil or propane fleet with technology solutions that facilitate communications involving drivers, onboard systems, dispatch and back office.

Technology Helps Managers Understand Costs

Business technology is evolving rapidly to create efficiencies and eliminate wasted motion, and energy marketers who seize opportunities will increasingly separate themselves from those who resist change. That is the view of Mark Nardone, President of Blu…

Good Bookkeeping Pays

Veteran energy marketer and consultant Sean Cota says fuel companies are complex operations, and owners need to implement effective bookkeeping and accounting practices in order to get a firm grasp on their costs.

Do More With What You Have

Companies that sell energy products and comfort services can leverage technological solutions to derive greater value from their assets, according to a technology executive who is focused on the retail energy industry.

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