Saturday, May 30, 2020


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Simplify Your Software Search: Tips for Writing the Perfect RFP (Request for Proposal)

A big purchase is looming. It’s an important one and is already keeping you up at night. Your software has reached end of life, and it’s time to address it. This is a huge, almost overwhelming task, but not if you get organized! As with any big, detail…

From Data to Insight

To unlock the true value of their data, energy marketers need to derive powerful insights that accelerate analysis and enable them to make excellent decisions quickly.

Better Vision With BI

Energy marketers can gain valuable insight into operations by using BI (business intelligence) software to merge data from multiple databases and produce insightful reports and timely alerts, according to Rich Hathaway, Director of Business Intelligence a…

Take Control of Sales and Marketing

Each new year seems to bring a new set of daunting challenges, and it’s important for home comfort marketers to raise their game and take advantage of technologies that can maximize sales and sharpen your competitive edge.

Cargas Energy’s Eighth Annual Customer Conference Achieves Record Attendance

Cargas Systems recently brought over 250 attendees to the Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster, PA, for the eighth annual Cargas Energy Summit. Cargas Energy is the company’s rapidly growing fuel delivery and HVAC software with a nationwide foo…

Make Cost Monitoring Routine

Controlling fuel company costs is an important part of the mission at Angus Energy. Oil & Energy recently caught up with two members of the Angus leadership team, Robert Levins and Jeffrey Simpson, for an in-depth look at cost control—a topic that draws o…

Customers Want to Serve Themselves

Many energy marketers have a great opportunity to differentiate their companies and distance themselves from the competition by offering robust self-service capabilities on the company website.

Software for Energy Marketers

Energy marketers and home comfort providers run complex operations and juggle reams of information about customers, pricing, delivery, service, fuel prices and more. A wide variety of software companies have developed specialized software for energy marke…

Leverage Current Technology to Improve Productivity

Energy marketers that are not using technology to their maximum advantage often have low productivity. Here is a quick look at factors that contribute to poor productivity. Managers who learn to identify and address these issues are moving closer to solvi…

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