Monday, September 16, 2019


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In Equipment Sales, It’s All About the Customer

Energy Kinetics’ Jay McCay discusses the sales process When a salesperson has an opportunity to sell any heating system, they need to put the focus on the customer and help them reach a decision based on their own wishes or needs. That is the advice of …

High-Tech Heating Made Simple

Some of today’s heating systems are very similar to those installed generations ago. Others show advancements in areas like controls, efficiency, reliability, performance and diagnostics. However, those advancements don’t always mean complexity; some repr…

Heating System Futurists

A futurist is defined as one who studies and predicts the future on the basis of current trends. When examining trends in home heating technology, certain concepts, like biofuels, condensing equipment, heat pumps and smart controls, immediately jump out. …

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