The Benefits of an Integrated Mobile Solution

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What’s the difference between interfacing and integrating? A mobile solution that gets you through the day and one that gets the job done right.

A lot of companies talk about offering an integrated solution, but what they’re really offering is a third-party add-on. ADD Systems® was the first company to bring an integrated mobile solution into the market, and Raven® continues to push the industry forward today with unmatched features that create the ultimate delivery solution when paired with ADD Energy E3®.

What does that mean? Seamless functionality from the office to the road and everywhere in between.

There is no such thing as “true integration” with third-party mobile solutions. Most companies say integration, but what they’re really offering is ongoing maintenance, extra costs and multiple layers of troubleshooting.

The Raven mobile solution is the best way to connect to the ADD Energy E3 back office solution and create a single silo of data. They work as one integrated solution, so field personnel and office staff are always on the same page.

With the Raven mobile solution, orders automatically process through ADD Energy E3 to routing, and delivery assignments are sent directly to the mobile device. The driver can then make the most efficient deliveries possible, in terms of priority, time, mileage and drop size. Invoicing is also made easier with the Raven. Drivers can print an invoice in the field and hand it directly to the customer, or send an invoice automatically via ADD Energy E3 to the customer’s email. What’s more, if the customer wants to pay at the time of delivery, a credit card can be automatically processed after the delivery is completed.

Both the driver and the back office have a real-time view of operations, and ADD Energy E3 pricing options are extended to the mobile unit. For example, if a new account has contracted a price for a certain amount of deliveries, then ADD Energy E3 automatically sends that information to the Raven.

The power of a fully integrated solution is an intuitive nature you can’t find in a third-party device. Everything your field personnel needs from the back office is automatically provided through seamless integration with the Raven in the field. Plus, if there is ever a problem, ADD Systems is just a phone call away. No back and forth between multiple vendors, and no finger pointing.

ADD Systems receives feedback from over 6,000 Raven users deployed across North America to ensure your system is always improving and up-to-date with the latest advancements.

Don’t take our word for it, ADD Systems has worked with a large number of energy distribution companies that once relied on third-party mobile solutions but have now made the switch.

So stop putting a Band-Aid on your delivery operation and discover the true difference of a fully integrated solution.



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