Saturday, January 18, 2020


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Do More With What You Have

Companies that sell energy products and comfort services can leverage technological solutions to derive greater value from their assets, according to a technology executive who is focused on the retail energy industry.

Cargas Energy’s Eighth Annual Customer Conference Achieves Record Attendance

Cargas Systems recently brought over 250 attendees to the Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster, PA, for the eighth annual Cargas Energy Summit. Cargas Energy is the company’s rapidly growing fuel delivery and HVAC software with a nationwide foo…

Shale Oil Makes a Rebound

Crude oil prices in a $50 to $60 range will trigger increased capital expenditures and stepped-up production activity. Recently, Reuters cited a report that fleshes out this range. A $50-per-barrel price is insufficient for most major conventional oil pro…

Taking Control of Credit Card Costs

Fuel companies can save a lot on processing fees when customers pay their bills with the right credit cards, and payment processor Avatas is helping companies move to a more profitable credit card mix.

Utilities Benefit From Major Tax Breaks

Electric utilities benefit from billions of dollars in tax breaks every year, according to a recent report from The Institute for Policy Studies entitled, Utilities Pay Up: How Ending Tax Dodging by America’s Electric Utilities Can Help Fund a Job-Creatin…

Controlling Costs and Staying Competitive

It’s the endless pursuit of controlling costs that drives us to innovate—finding new ways to be more productive and run our companies more efficiently. Fortunately, there are some pretty useful tools out there that are also up to the task.

Optimize Your Equipment Sales Process

Change is a constant in Oilheat, particularly in equipment sales. It used to be that when a homeowner or business owner needed a new boiler or furnace, the only big question they faced was a choice between standard and high-efficiency equipment. Now the c…

EPA Find Corrosion in ULSD Tanks

A recent report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Underground Storage Tanks suggests that corrosion is a widespread problem that threatens the integrity of many underground tanks storing diesel.

Getting Delivery Costs Under Control, Wirelessly

One of the keys to controlling fuel delivery costs is managing the oil or propane fleet with technology solutions that facilitate communications involving drivers, onboard systems, dispatch and back office.

NORA Delivers FSA Calculator 2.0

The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has released the new version of its Fuel Savings Analysis Calculator, which uses test data on oil-fired boilers to demonstrate the value of equipment upgrades with consumer-friendly metrics.

Simplify Your Software Search: Tips for Writing the Perfect RFP (Request for Proposal)

A big purchase is looming. It’s an important one and is already keeping you up at night. Your software has reached end of life, and it’s time to address it. This is a huge, almost overwhelming task, but not if you get organized! As with any big, detail…

Finance Program Could Cut Energy Costs

Energy efficiency advocates typically refer to efficiency as “the lowest cost energy resource out there.” “What you will never hear us say is that energy efficiency is free. Efficiency can do many great things:

Mass. Court Strikes Down ‘Pipeline Tax’

In a victory for heating oil dealers throughout New England, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recently declared it unlawful for Massachusetts to force residential electricity customers to subsidize the construction of private natural gas pipelines…

Technology Helps Managers Understand Costs

Business technology is evolving rapidly to create efficiencies and eliminate wasted motion, and energy marketers who seize opportunities will increasingly separate themselves from those who resist change. That is the view of Mark Nardone, President of Blu…

For the Love of Oilheat

Allison Heaney truly grew up in the Oilheat business. At age 5, she was helping to wash trucks at Skaggs-Walsh, the Queens, NY, company run by her father, Peter Heaney, who succeeded his own father, Fred Heaney. At 9, she was stuffing envelopes in the cus…

How Clinton and Trump Stack Up

Now that the Democratic and Republican conventions are complete, here is a capsule look at the candidates’ energy policies as expressed in their platform documents.

Good Bookkeeping Pays

Veteran energy marketer and consultant Sean Cota says fuel companies are complex operations, and owners need to implement effective bookkeeping and accounting practices in order to get a firm grasp on their costs.

Towards a Drug-Free Workplace

Thirty-three percent. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 33 percent is the amount of productivity companies lose when they hire employees with drug and alcohol problems. A related study by the SBA also points to the increased risk of…

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