Wednesday, April 1, 2020


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New Frontiers in Fuel Delivery

As Scully Signal Co. celebrates its 80th anniversary, it is engaging with customers and investing in engineering to help fuel distributors pursue new opportunities. Executive Vice President Katrina Scully Ohl, granddaughter of company founder Frank Scu…

Technology Helps Managers Understand Costs

Business technology is evolving rapidly to create efficiencies and eliminate wasted motion, and energy marketers who seize opportunities will increasingly separate themselves from those who resist change. That is the view of Mark Nardone, President of Blu…

Do You Know How Much It Costs to Accept a Check?

It is no secret that a good percentage of merchants in our industry still mail out monthly invoices and get paid by check, but many have no idea what the process is actually costing them. Do you know how much you pay per check? To help, I’ve put togeth…

Five Ways to Streamline Fuel Delivery With GPS

Across energy markets, businesses are modernizing fleet management with technology to ensure first-rate transportation. In many instances, oil and gas fleets are responsible for transporting millions of dollars’ worth of propane, heating oil and diesel to…

Safety Sharing with Local Fire Departments

Day to day, we rely on the experience and training of our drivers. As business owners, our primary concern is to make sure that our guy in the cab gets home safe each night. Our goal is to give them the best training that we can, so that they can do their…

The VIP Treatment

When Kauffman Gas gets a new account, they aim to keep it. The Atglen, PA, propane company places top priority on reliable customer service and avoids problems at all costs, particularly fuel run-outs.

Cargas Energy’s Eighth Annual Customer Conference Achieves Record Attendance

Cargas Systems recently brought over 250 attendees to the Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster, PA, for the eighth annual Cargas Energy Summit. Cargas Energy is the company’s rapidly growing fuel delivery and HVAC software with a nationwide foo…

Getting Delivery Costs Under Control, Wirelessly

One of the keys to controlling fuel delivery costs is managing the oil or propane fleet with technology solutions that facilitate communications involving drivers, onboard systems, dispatch and back office.

Twenty Helping Hands

NEFI Member Sends 10 Fuel Trucks to Assist in Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Five Ways to Navigate a Warm Winter

It is important to not overreact to a warm winter like the one we just had, but rather to be prepared for the next time another one comes along. There is a temptation to hunker down and cut costs, but the reality is that modern back office software can he…

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