Partnership Helps Boston Steel Do More for Customers

Boston Steel & Mfg. Co. customers will see an expanded product line and faster delivery times now that the Malden, Mass.-based truck tank builder has partnered with Tremcar USA.

David Burke, President of Boston Steel, said that Tremcar is an experienced builder of tanker trailers up to 17,000 gallons in capacity, and the partnership will enable Boston Steel to sell trailers, in addition to its traditional line or truck tanks. “I just quoted a 9,000-gallon vacuum trailer to a customer,” he said. “We never could have made that before.”

Boston Steel and Tremcar demonstrated their combined prowess at this year’s Atlantic Region Energy Expo by bringing a Boston Steel-marked tanker trailer to the tradeshow floor. “The trailer got more attention than anything else,” Burke said. “A lot of my customers would buy trailers from us. They loved it, and they were very impressed with how well it was built.”

Tremcar was founded in 1962 to fabricate stainless steel transports and has advanced to a multi-facility producer of steel and aluminum carrier tanks for a wide range of liquid and dry products, including light and heavy petroleum, ethanol, waste recycling, cement, lime, sand and flour. The company now has over 750 personnel in U.S. and Canadian plants.

With an increased selection of liquid bulk hauling equipment, Boston Steel will be able to offer more products to current customers while also making inroads in new segments of the hauling industry, such as water hauling, airport refueling and dry bulk. “It opens us up to a lot of things that we couldn’t do before and gives us wonderful engineering support,” he noted.

Other benefits of the partnership will be better inventory and faster delivery, according to Burke. Boston Steel will now be able to build tanks more quickly and maintain an inventory, so that customers can buy from stock instead of waiting on a custom-built tank.

Burke said Tremcar is a family-owned business like Boston Steel, and they approached the Massachusetts company looking for an improved presence in the U.S. market from a builder known for quality and reliability.

The partnership will work out well for Boston Steel’s workforce, because Tremcar is committed to fabricating tanks at the Massachusetts facility, according to Burke. Boston Steel will continue to build tanks with the same design and materials they have used in the past.

As Boston Steel approaches its 100th year, Burke said he is expecting improved tank sales after the solid winter of 2013-14. “People have been kind of holding off on spending money and buying equipment,” he said. “This year, I believe they made some money, and their equipment has been downgraded by not repairing or replacing it.”

For more information, contact Burke at or 800-333-6970, or Tremcar USA President Daniel Tremblay at or 800-363-2158.

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