OHCC, NYOHA and NORA Celebrate Opening of Research and Training Center

The heating oil industry now has a place to call home in New York.

The New York Oil Heating Association, the Oil Heat Comfort Corp. and the National Oilheat Research Alliance held a grand opening yesterday for their new shared facility in Plainview, NY.

For the two New York associations, it is known as the NYOHA/OHCC Technical Training Institute. For NORA it is the NORA Liquid Fuels Research and Development Laboratory. By any name, it is a spacious, pristine facility where industry participants can gather for training and research.

Renowned energy researcher Dr. Thomas A. Butcher keeps an office at the facility, where he will oversee NORA’s research and development projects while also conducting research on heating equipment and liquid fuels.

One door over from Butcher sits John Levey, who serves as director of education for each of the associations that share the facility. He is developing and directing a variety of education programs, including oilheat technician training under the aegis of NORA and a variety of training programs for the New York associations, including air conditioning education for technicians and customer service training for office personnel.

The facility also houses a classroom, a heating equipment laboratory, a fuels laboratory and a boardroom.

For quotes about the new facility and photos from the opening, please read the article on the NYOHA website.

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