NBB Liaison Praises NYOHA’s Commitment to Bioheat

Paul Nazzaro, the National Biodiesel Board’s Petroleum Liaison, recently issued a statement praising the New York Oil Heating Association’s commitment to Bioheat® Fuel. NYOHA recently updated its website to use the term “Bioheat” throughout the site to replace “Oilheat”. NYOHA was a driving force behind the nation’s first Bioheat mandate, which New York City enacted in 2012.

Nazzaro recently published the following article about NYOHA’s website update.

Bioheat® fuel has long been marketed as “the evolution of oil heat,” and nowhere is that evolution happening more rapidly than in New York City.

After the success of the city’s B2 mandate, which marked the nation’s first Bioheat® mandate when it went into effect in 2012, the New York City Council is weighing a proposal to increase the required blend level to B5 in all oil-heated buildings starting in 2016. The proposed bill, which has promising support, would further increase the blend level every five years, reaching B20 by 2030.

The evolution happening in the city is now happening online as well.

In a recent redesign of its website, the New York Oil Heating Association (NYOHA)—one of the industry’s most influential associations and a strong backer of the Bioheat® mandate—has removed the word “oilheat” altogether, replacing it in each instance with “Bioheat®.”

While the change may seem subtle, it represents a major shift in NYOHA’s messaging to consumers. Not only is it more accurate—Bioheat® fuel is mandated in every borough NYOHA represents—but it eliminates any confusion when the terms “oilheat,” “ultra-low sulfur,” and “Bioheat®” are used interchangeably.

“The simple fact is that Bioheat®—not traditional heating oil—is the fuel being used to heat New York City homes and buildings,” said NYOHA chief executive Rocco Lacertosa. “It’s about time our consumers are clear on that. Our hope is that before long. Bioheat® will not only be a standard household product, but also a household name.”

That would mark the most significant evolution of all. 

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