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February 2015


Prices at ‘No-Brainer’ Level Yet? (Page 15)

Price Plunge Puts Volatility Back in Play (Oil & Energy)
Who Is Opposed to Lower Oil Prices? (Oil & Energy)


Hollywood Presents a Corrupt Image of Heating Oil (Page 26)

Movie Review: ‘A Most Violent Year’ a Tale of Risky Dealings in 1981 New York (Pittsburg Post-Gazette)
‘A Most Violent Year’ Is a Most Incredible Film: 4 Stars (Kansas City Star)


Blending for a Brighter Future (Page 27)Q&A--Blending-for-a-Brighter-Future-Image

ASTM Vote Opens Door for More Biodiesel Blending (Oil & Energy)
Dealers Can Manage B20 Transition (Oil & Energy)
ASTM Considers New Grade for B20 Heating Oil (Oil & Energy)


Changing With the Times (Page 33)Changing-With-the-Times-Image

More from Shawna Henderson…

Passive Solar at Home (Oil & Energy)
Striking the Right Balance (Oil & Energy)
20 Percent Biodiesel Is OK (Oil & Energy)


Boiler Manual Is More Than a ‘Kneeler’ (Page 36)Boiler-Manual-Is-More-Than-a-Kneeler-Image

More from Bruce Marshall…

Buffer Tank Can Help Mod-Con Boiler Meet Expectations (Oil & Energy)
Zone Valves or Circulators? (Oil & Energy)
Today’s Contractors Wear Many Hat (Oil & Energy)
Ductless Mini Splits Are Taking Off (Oil & Energy)
HRVs: A Fresh New Heating Concept (Oil & Energy)
‘Squeeze the Tube’ for Your Customers (Oil & Energy)



December 2014


Price Parity Could Come Sooner Than Expected (Page 12)Retention-Is-the-Key-to-Profitability-Image

Retention Is the Key to Profitability


Who Is Opposed to Lower Oil Prices? (Page 14)

Think You Know Your Margins?
Predicting Winter Price Trends


Show Me the Money (Page 18)

NORA Develops Research Agenda

Improving Mileage, Cutting Emissions, Reducing Fuel Costs (Page 26)

Building The AutoGas Market In New England
PERC Works to Grow AutoGas Market


When a Check Bounces, Collectors Are Ready to Step In (Page 29)

Check-or-Credit-Card-Check or Credit Card?




NEFI Works WITH HHS to Improve LIHEAP (Page 34)

Protecting-the-Commodity-Marketplace-ImageProtecting the Commodity Marketplace

November 2014



Propane Marketers Rush to Add Storage (Page 19)

Reinforcing the Supply Chain
Strengthening the LPG Supply Chain
NPGA Be Prepared


With Sound Practices, Marketers Can Manage B20 Blends (Page 21)

ASTM Considers New Grade for B20 Heating Oil

Five Products for the Propane Marketer (Page 22)

Building The AutoGas Market In New England
PERC Works to Grow AutoGas Market

October 2014

Here are links to accompany the October 2014 print edition.


Competing in Connectivity (Page 22)

HRVs: A Fresh New Heating Concept


Combination Systems Offer Retrofit Advantages (Page 28)

Striking the Right Balance



Reinforcing the Propane Supply Chain (Page 34)

Strengthening the LPG Supply Chain
NPGA: Be Prepared

September 2014

Here are links to accompany the September 2014 print edition.


Think You Know Your Margins? (Page 16)

Hedge Insite Helps Fuel Marketers See Ahead


NORA Announces Early R&D Priorities (Page 18)

NORA Develops Research Agenda


Striking the Right Balance in Low-Temperature Heating
(Page 28)

The Service Team Essentials
Pressure Grows in the Service Department


Lock-Down Phones Ensure Compliance (Page 39)

6 Mobile Applications to Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

(Automotive Fleet)