High-Tech Heating Made Simple

Some of today’s heating systems are very similar to those installed generations ago. Others show advancements in areas like controls, efficiency, reliability, performance and diagnostics. However, those advancements don’t always mean complexity; some represent great strides toward streamlining and supporting the work of technicians in the field. As Rob Bass of Daniels Energy in Portland, Connecticut comments, “One example is Energy Kinetics, whose controls and diagnostics are better and simpler than other boilers, and whose dealer support is top notch. Since there’s no required control programming like on other models, we save time and always get it right.”

Bass is referring to the Display Energy Manager, a smart zone controller introduced earlier this year to help deliver high-performance, high-efficiency heat and hot water on Energy Kinetics’ System 2000™ and 90+ Resolute™ boilers. Jim Hamilton, of Brideau Energy in Fitchburg, Massachusetts has also worked with the Display Energy Manager in the field, and says he likes “the obvious quick diagnostics and indicators, and that it’s so easy to use.”

Roger Marran, President of Energy Kinetics, explains, “It’s simple because the lights just tell you what’s happening in the system. The left side shows which thermostats are calling, and the right side shows you if the zone valves, burner, circulator or inducer should be running. The display offers a complete ‘play-by-play’ of what is happening in the system, including diagnostics and corrective actions. If the lights or display show you something is on and it’s not, fix it.

“Burner diagnostics have come a long way, too,” Marran continues. “Carlin’s Pro-X 70200 Primary Control detects motor, ignitor, oil valve, flame, blocked vent, and other faults and presents them on a plain English display. Together, these controls have really improved how we help new and experienced techs grasp the operation and diagnose systems quickly.”

Other advancements serve to make customer support a whole lot easier. “In the 1980s, installers received a kit of parts for field assembly,” Marran recalls. “Now we ship fully pre-piped and pre-wired systems, minimizing installation time and simplifying setup. We use nearly all industry-standard components, and we have a deep inventory of parts to cover those that are not.”

Support over the life of the system is important too, says Marran. He adds, “All heating professional companies can buy direct from the factory, and techs receive priority technical support to help with any questions. Our proven 30-year boiler design is backed by a strong warranty to give professionals and consumers long-term confidence.” Combined with advanced controls and today’s cleaner fuels, these innovations provide streamlined setup and diagnostics that make installation, service, repair, and replacement faster and easier for upcoming technicians as well as seasoned service pros.

Although tomorrow’s techs may work on hundreds, or even thousands, of different types of equipment, their feedback will provide valuable information that guides manufacturers’ product development strategies, which, in turn, should make for faster and more effective installations and service calls. “Feedback continually flows to Energy Kinetics’ experienced and accessible customer service and tech support teams, and through to territory managers who have years of product knowledge and field experience,” Marran says. “In addition to tech- and installer-friendly product development, we upgraded our hands-on training at the manufacturing plant in Lebanon, New Jersey, at select locations in the field, and at dealer sites. This now includes hands-on live fire demo vans, trailers, and simulator training boxes allowing technicians to learn how the Energy Manager and the Display Energy Manager work. Techs and owners really appreciate tips like quick and simple backup strategies to keep the heat on when replacement parts are not on a service truck.”

Further support, including videos, instructions, and diagnostics, is available via Energy Kinetics’ online contractor portal. For more, visit energykinetics.com.

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