Fuel Quality Marketplace 2014

Fuel Quality Listings 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here are our Fuel Quality listings for 2014. Oil & Energy recently reached out to additive suppliers who serve the distillates marketplace. Some companies chose to answer questions we posed to them in our survey, and those answers appear beneath their listing and products information. We asked the suppliers three questions: Do you have any new products or services? What advice do you have for dealers on blending distillates and biodiesel and handling and storing blended fuels? How can fuel marketers prevent corrosion and damage to fueling equipment related to the storage of ULSD? Oil & Energy would like to thank the companies that took the time to participate in our coverage.


Advanced Fuel Solutions

1060 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA 01845

Contacts: Paul Nazzaro, Paul Nazzaro Jr., Lou Nazzaro, Leo Verruso and Nicholas Nazzaro
Phone: (978) 258-8360
Fax: (978) 258-8354
Email: paulsr@yourfuelsolution.compauljr@yourfuelsolution.com, lou@yourfuelsolution.com, leo@yourfuelsolution.com and nick@yourfuelsolution.com
Web: www.yourfuelsolution.com

We’re a full-service fuel quality company. When you’re paying attention to your brand and image in the marketplace, you’re in a position to differentiate your company from the competition. In a competitive landscape, whether it is on the product side or the service side of your business, you’ll need a full-service fuel quality partner like Advanced Fuel Solutions Inc. to help navigate through the many challenges facing the industry.




Heating Oil Additives: If you’re interested in improving operational profits and customer satisfaction, AFS’s flagship treatment, HeatDoc, provides system cleaning, stability and improved system performance by cleaning and controlling fuel contaminants from tank to burner tip. HeatDoc protects system components from corrosive and unstable oil, controls tank sediment, and reduces fuel-related service calls that can cause customer dissatisfaction and lost profits. AFS’s proprietary Greenburn Combustion Technology treatment accelerates combustion, providing lower emissions, reduced soot, fewer deposits and more heat transfer, improving fuel efficiency by as much as 3 percent. What does this mean for the dealer? A cleaner fuel system and heat exchanger that will reduce fuel-related service calls and time on system tune-ups, resulting in a healthier bottom line.

AFS-PF (Proprietary Formulas): AFS develops commercial-grade technologies for the downstream marketplace, including treatment packages for on-road, off-road, marine diesel and home heating oil. With the AFS Optimum Discovery process, clients receive fuel treatment solutions designed for their market demands to improve their operational bottom line.

Injection Systems: AFS offers a wide range of truck-mount and terminal-installed injection systems to enable dealers to transition from hand-blending additives. AFS also offers a fuel quality plan for bulk plants to help buyers enforce proper buying specifications and verification of those specifications, as well as the handling, storage and distribution of the fuels.

New Products & Services: OPT – Anti-Foulant Chemistry (Optimum Performance Technology): Next-generation diesel fuel solutions are now available to help diesel fuel withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures of the latest HPCR injection systems. Field- and laboratory-tested treatments now contain advanced diesel detergents as well as a unique component recognized today as anti-foulant chemistry. Once the fuel has been stabilized with anti-foulant, there is no creation of carbonaceous deposits, and filters remain clean, as existing deposits are removed to prevent injector failure. The results, with testing of two major fleets recently completed, indicated 2.5% to 4% fuel economy improvement and reduced maintenance costs associated with fuel filter PMIs.


Fuel Blending Advice

AFS has more than 16 years of experience working with biodiesel and Bioheat® heating oil opportunities on a national level. With our support, customers are able to transition to this new fuel with biodiesel-specific treatments to address cold weather operability and fuel stability. Blending strategies range from hand or splash blending to in-line batch blending. As you might expect, splash blending offers a quick solution but may leave the dealer at risk of unblended layers of biodiesel potentially causing gelling issues downstream. High Pressure in-line rack or inbound blending eliminates any concerns with the blends on the street today. That being said, it is important to know what feedstock was used to produce the biodiesel used in the blending process. When blending biodiesel with #2, always load the base stock and then the biodiesel to compensate for the heavier-weight biodiesel product to produce better blends. Feedstocks – soy, waste vegetable oil, tallow – all have different cold flow characteristics. Make sure the feedstock being used is compatible with the temperature conditions in your marketplace.


Preventing Corrosion

Tank Housekeeping, Housekeeping, Housekeeping! The Battelle Report published after multiple independent analyses of ULSD corrosion issues concluded that corrosion in systems storing and dispensing ULSD was likely due to the dispersal of acetic acid throughout USTs. It is likely produced by bacteria feeding on low levels of ethanol contamination. Disturbances during fuel deliveries cause these acids to move throughout the system. The constant wetting and drying of the equipment allows this acid to severely and rapidly erode metals. Tank maintenance, including testing for water, stability, sedimentation and biologic contamination in your fuel, provides insight into the occurrence of the corrosion phenomenon while simultaneously treating to keep these key fuel quality metrics at acceptable levels.



Amalgamated Inc.

P.O. Box 8977
Ft. Wayne, IN 46898-8977

Contact: Gary Pipenger
Phone: (260) 489-2549
Email: gpipenger2@frontier.com
Web: www.amalgamatedinc.com




All of our products are ‘base’ formulations that work well generically, but our pride is in custom formulating an additive package that fulfills a specific need. Product descriptions can be found on our website at www.amalgamatedinc.com.

New Products & Services: TDR-S/FL is a custom-formulated premium summer fuel-saving additive for maintaining operating efficiency in newer diesel engines and improving fuel efficiency in warm weather.


Fuel Blending Advice

Maintain a heated storage facility to prevent gelling issues, and utilize a proven additive like USA B-20 Winterizer Ultra Soy Additive before cold weather temperatures occur. Plan ahead. Be proactive rather than reactive. Find an additive supplier willing to work with you to find the right solution for your situation. Remember, when used properly an additive should work better than No. 1D/Kerosene to improve the cold temperature fuel flow ability.


Preventing Corrosion

The utilization of a comprehensive additive package with the proper quantity of corrosion inhibitors will reduce damage to pumps and related equipment. Check tank bi-annually for the presence of water in the bottom of the storage tank. If organisms are detected, a biocide additive should be used to kill growth, and the tank should be cleaned. When B100 is blended with ULSD, the bio portion carries higher water content that contributes to corrosion and damage. Use a good de-emulsifier additive to reduce risk.



C & S Scientific Corp. 

PO Box 1056
Hightstown, NJ 08520

Contact: Jerry Sava, Pat Cerminaro
Phone: (877) 448-7037
Fax: (267) 200-0430
Email: jsava@csscientific.com
Web: www.csscientific.com



  • Treat Now: Ultra-concentrated multi-purpose heating oil additive
  • Diesel-Add: ULSD-compliant diesel additive for cold flow, lubricity, cetane and fuel economy
  • Biotreat: A series of oil conditioners for winterization of up to B-20 soy, vegetable and/or tallow bioblends.
  • Injectrol: Fuel injector anti-foulant and detergent for new HPFI diesel systems.
  • SOS: Anti-gel shock treatment for outside fuel storage tanks.
  • Shock treatment specialties including sludge, water, bio-organic and corrosion inhibitors; cetane and lubricity enhancers.
  • Customized research and development of programs designed to satisfy any situation.


New Products & Services: All our winter heating oil and diesel fuel additives are now designed to address varying cold flow properties of bioblends that vary by feedstock type and blend ratio. We have also introduced Injectrol, an anti-foulant and detergent to prevent coking and clogging of valve seats and nozzles in new HPFI high-temperature/high-pressure ULSD engine systems.


Fuel Blending Advice

If splash blending at cold temperatures, it is best to first fill the cold tank with about 1/3 of straight distillate, then add the B100, preferably warm if possible, and then continue to add the remaining distillate. As with any blending process, some extra agitation is always a good idea to help produce a uniform blend. Also, if any pour point depressant is being introduced into the blend, it is best added along with the B100. If the blend is being made via injection equipment, then all products can be simultaneously blended since sufficient agitation should be generated. Such procedures will prove useful in ensuring complete solubility and homogeneity of the blend.


Preventing Corrosion

Obviously, the first step is to maintain a clean storage tank, especially free of any water. Make sure that all fill caps and entry points are tight, that the tank has total integrity without any structural flaws, and that where possible, the tank bottoms are routinely tested for excessive water deposition and other contaminants. Consistently add a multifunctional fuel conditioner to stabilize the ULSD and to provide the components necessary to maintain and optimize fuel efficiency and quality.



Energy Additives Inc.

P.O. Box 1694
Battle Creek, MI 49016

Contact: Lloyd Lack
Phone: (269) 965-8085
Fax: (269) 965-3157
Email: sales@energyadditives.com
Web: www.energyadditives.com




Energy Additives sells DSL-5 and HFX additives for biofuels.

New Products & Services: EAI has a line of LPG filters called Blue Moon Systems great for quality control of LPG.


Fuel Blending Advice

I would use a product much like DSL-5 that has a lube and stabilizer in the product.


Preventing Corrosion

Quality control of both your tanks and product, using filters systems and a good lube and stabilizer additive.



Fuel Management Services Inc.

13 Main Bayway
Toms River, NJ 08753

Contact: Mark Stellmach (Mid-Atlantic) (732) 929-1964; Ed Kitchen (Southeast) (540) 270-0056
Fax: (732) 929-2925
Web: www.fuelmanagementservices.com


New Products & Services: We are offering a new product called a “Water Sock,” which is a long, thin sock-like material containing a desiccant that will absorb water for effective removal of water inside a storage tank. The product is best used at a service call where it can be placed into a tank and will absorb water in 20 minutes time and then be pulled out. Periodic use is inexpensive and very effective at keeping fuel tanks dry and free of water.


Fuel Blending Advice

When blending biofuels with distillates, the storage and handling of these fuels create performance and service challenges before ultimate consumption. The issues of fuel stability, moisture accumulation, particulate formation, microbes and corrosion have to be addressed through thorough tank housekeeping that should include fuel analysis, moisture/water removal and an additive package that improves stability, stops corrosion, demulsifies fuel and keeps fuel free of particulate.


Preventing Corrosion

Because ultra-low fuels have been causing accelerated corrosion on fuel dispensing equipment, it is paramount to institute a comprehensive but simple tank and fuel housekeeping program. Ultra-low fuels will be coming to a terminal near you and need to be treated differently. Moisture and water in storage tanks should be continuously monitored and removed. Fuel and tanks need to be treated with an additive package to keep water out of fuel, provide corrosion inhibition and help keep microbe growth from developing.



Fuel Right®

302 Robinson Lane
Wilmington, DE 19805

Technical Contact: Bob Tatnall
Phone: (800) 642-1910
Fax: (302) 425-5661
Email: bob@fuelright.com
Web: www.fuelright.com
Sales Contact: Dries van Wagenberg
Phone: (202) 400-9153
Fax: (302) 425-5661



Fuel Quality Services Inc.

P.O. Box 1380
Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Contacts: Howard Chesneau, Angie Coley-McClure
Phone: (770) 967-9790 or (800) 827-9790
Fax: (770) 967-9982
Email: sales@fqsinc.com
Web: www.fqsinc.com



G. H. Berlin/Avalux

P.O. Box 6661
Portsmouth, NH 03802-6661

Phone: (603) 860-2275
Fax: (603) 430-4001
Web: www.ghberlinoil.com



Global Companies LLC

800 South St.
Waltham, MA 02454

Contact: Steve Schooley
Phone: (800) 685-7222
Fax: (781) 398-4162
Email: sschooley@globalp.com
Web: www.globalp.com




Heating Oil Plus is our proprietary, premium heating oil formulation. It is comprised of a carefully balanced group of components designed to help avoid filter blockage and nozzle and strainer plugging, thereby effectively reducing fuel-related service calls and improving dealer profits. Heating Oil Plus will enhance customer loyalty, by reducing fuel-related no heat service calls. Complementing its documentable field performance is its convenience of access. Heating Oil Plus is now available at 17 strategic terminals where it is electronically injected to eliminate the guesswork associated with treating fuel beyond the rack. Electronic rack blending eliminates the need for handling of additives and ensures proper additive dosing. The product is conveniently offered in totes and drums.

Diesel One is our flagship diesel program designed for treating ULSD year-round. Our proprietary high performance diesel fuel will help keep fuel systems clean, extend engine life and provide reliable engine operation under all seasonal driving conditions, affordably and consistently. Diesel One contains an advanced detergent, corrosion protection, synthetic lubricity improver and thermal and oxidative stability enhancer. During the winter months, Diesel One is additionally enhanced with a cold flow improver, a jet fuel type de-icer and WASA, a unique wax anti-settling agent, to keep wax crystals from falling out of solution and gelling fuel line filters during extended shutdown periods. This concentrated cold weather operability formulation can help reduce kerosene blending as well as enhance the performance of kerosene when absolutely required. Beyond the protection and peace of mind Diesel One offers, it will simultaneously keep injectors clean, optimizing engine performance, lowering engine maintenance costs and promoting longer engine life. Like Heating Oil Plus, Diesel One technology is conveniently accessible at 17 strategically positioned terminals.

SubZero is a premium pour point depressant that lowers pour point by as much as 40 degrees F, improves lubricity, disperses water to help reduce ice formation, and safely helps reduce filter and fuel line plugging by utilizing a jet aircraft de-icing compound. SubZero is Global’s proprietary pour point depressant and is available in drums, and pints. Making access even more convenient,
we are pleased to announce that Subzero can now be purchased at a F.W. Webb location near you.



Lincoln Laboratory

Leicester, MA 01524

Contact: David Lodding
Phone: (508) 892-4717
Fax: (508) 892-4295
Email: info@lincolnlaboratory.com
Web: www.lincolnlaboratory.com



  • Tank-Guard is a corrosion inhibitor for home heating oil tanks. It is the basis for an oil tank protection program for oil dealers, which is backed by our unique Free Tank Replacement Warranty. It is a valuable incentive to retain customers and attract new ones. Full marketing plan. No upfront investment. Guaranteed profit.
  • XTA-2000 is a premium fuel additive. It stabilizes fuel, dissolves sludge, removes water, and fights organic contamination.
  • XTA-CFI is a cold flow improver. It lowers pour point by 25°F, reduces fuel gelling, controls wax crystals, and stops filter plugging.
  • Frost Free is a proven antifreeze and de-icer for fuel oil tanks and supply lines. It removes water and prevents freezing, prevents wax buildup, dissolves ice crystals and thaws frozen lines.
  • Distillate 38 is a heating oil treatment. It disperses sludge and water, cleans tanks and lines, keeps burner parts clean, and prevents frozen lines.


New Personnel

Bob Messia recently joined Lincoln Laboratory as Sales and Customer Service Manager. Bob served the New England Fuel Institute for many years as Technical Education & Development Manager. He was the Principal Oil Heat Instructor and also oversaw the
operation of six satellite schools. Bob has over 34 years of experience in the heating oil industry, including 26 years working in the field.



Sprague Operating Resources LLC

185 International Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Contact: Steve Parise
Phone: (603) 430-5308
Email: sparise@spragueenergy.com
Website: www.spragueenergy.com




HeatForce® Additive: Sprague recommends its HeatForce® additive in all heating oil applications. Sprague’s HeatForce® additive includes four primary components to improve heating oil capabilities. A fuel stabilizer helps to prevent sludge and control the sedimentation that plugs filters, strainers and nozzles. A dispersant cleans the fuel system, allowing any impurities to more easily pass through fuel lines, filters and strainers. An included corrosion inhibitor prevents rust from forming throughout the entire fuel handling system. Finally, the HeatForce® additive contains a metal deactivator to counteract fuel degradation that can occur when fuel interacts with metals such as copper. HeatForce® premium heating oil is available at select Sprague terminals, or HeatForce® additive alone can also be delivered to your site via drum and tote. Sprague’s HeatForce® additive works exceptionally well with BioHeat® heating oil blends, delivering all of the HeatForce® additive advantages plus the benefit of lowered emissions.

RoadForce® Additive: Sprague suggests its RoadForce® additive in all diesel applications. Sprague’s RoadForce® additive works to improve the fuel system operation and lower operating costs. Detergents help to remove existing deposits, minimize emissions and improve fuel economy. A corrosion inhibitor forms a protective barrier between metal engine components, maximizing engine life. A fuel stabilizer is added to reduce the gum and sediment that can form after extended fuel storage. Demulsifiers and dispersants reduce water-related problems by removing any entrained water. Finally, the wax crystal modifier and deicer help prevent ice crystals from forming and lowers the cold weather operability point of diesel vehicles, reducing the dependency on power-robbing kerosene. RoadForce® premium diesel fuel is available at select Sprague terminals.


New Products & Services: Sprague is exclusively offering HeatForce® Premium Heating Oil at both our River Road and Rensselaer terminals, bringing the benefits of a premium fuel package to all of our customers.


Fuel Blending Advice

Blended fuels and the use of additives offer a variety of opportunities to dealers. Because every situation is different, we encourage all customers to speak with us prior to implementing any additive program. Sprague works directly with customers each day to determine what specific handling or blending requirements, if any, would be required.



Technol Fuel Conditioners Inc.

145 Wyckoff Road, Suite 305
Eatontown, NJ 07724

Contact: Janis Grundmann
Phone: (800) 645-4033
Fax: (732) 542-0109
Email: salesdept@technol.com or janis@technol.com
Web: www.technol.com




Technol® STR-2+ Fuel Conditioner is engineered to combat the major fuel oil problems associated with both summer and winter. Stabilizes your fuel – Sludge is formed as fuel degrades, breaks down and builds up, more so over the hot summer months. In time, this sludge buildup becomes so great that you don’t realize you have a sludge problem until your filters clog. Keeping your fuel stabilized throughout the year will inhibit sludge buildup from forming. Sludge dispersants break up and dissolve fuel sediment sludge small enough that most pass harmlessly though filters and injectors. This enables your fuel system to operate at its peak efficiency with an optimally atomized fuel spray, leading to an increase in fuel economy. Prevents gelled fuel – The pour point of your fuel is lowered by up to 25°F. Cold flow improvers modify the wax crystals that form at temperatures below the cloud point by keeping them from forming an impervious mass of gelled fuel that blocks fuel flow. This keeps your fuel free flowing during cold climate conditions. Prevents ice – Any free water within the tank, and water that the fuel has absorbed, is kept from freezing. All ice and ice crystals are melted and prevented from refreezing. Emulsifies water – Water is not only inherent in fuel oil, but can be introduced at any point between the refinery to delivery. Technol STR-2+ enables water and fuel oil to mix, and this “emulsion” is removed from the tank as the fuel is called upon to heat your home. This keeps water contamination from building up, controlling algae and corrosion. Controls algae – When water is removed, the environment that algae and bacteria need for life and growth is also removed, keeping tanks clean and filters and lines from clogging. This keeps downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum. Corrosion inhibitors – Continued use of Technol STR-2+ will protect your fuel system from further rust and corrosion. Corrosion occurs unseen from the inside until your tank springs a costly leak. Improves fuel combustion and efficiency – Combustion Improvers enable your fuel to ignite faster for a more complete fuel burn. Results are increased BTU output while using the same amount of fuel. Carbon, soot buildup, and emissions are reduced when compared to using unconditioned fuel. With a clean fuel system operating at peak efficiency and your fuel providing more BTU output, fuel economy savings may increase up to 5%. Greater benefits are possible depending upon fuel quality. Works in Blended Biofuel – The same benefits are achieved in blended Biofuel up to B20 blends Technol STR-2+ is the most cost effective maintenance conditioner that will keep your fuel and fuel system at their peak efficiency.

Technol® 246 Super Sludge Dispersant: Technol® 246 has been specifically formulated for sludge-contaminated fuel tanks. The entire fuel system, from tank to injectors along with the heat transfer tubes, is cleaned. This allows the fuel system to operate at its optimum designed efficiency with the maximized BTU output and heat transfer possible. Beyond cleaning the entire fuel system, Technol 246 emulsifies and removes water, inhibits fuel system corrosion, and further improves #2, #4, and #6 Fuel Oil and Kerosene combustibility for a more complete fuel burn. BTU output is increased, you get more heat/power from the same amount of fuel resulting in improved overall fuel quality and economy.

Technol® 050 Cold Flow Improver (EPA Registered): Technol® 050 is a highly concentrated, unique severe cold climate distillate cold flow Improver. Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) is lowered by up to 30°F, and the Pour Point by up to 50°F. Technol 050 when used proactively, before the onset of cold weather at the ratio of 1:2,000 will keep fuel flowing by preventing the formation of gelled fuel and ice blockages. If you are presently experiencing these blockages, apply Technol 050 at the ratio of 1:200 to melt gelled fuel and ice. Once they are melted, Technol 050 will act as an “anti-freeze,” preventing both the fuel and water from re-gelling and re-freezing. Be sure to protect your fuel and fuel system every time it is refueled by applying Technol 050 until warm temperatures arrive. Anti-gel agents permit fuel to flow smoothly even under the most extreme cold climate conditions. Anti-gel agents (cold flow improvers) are wax crystal modifiers that limit the size and modify the shape of wax crystals formed at temperatures far below the cloud point. These wax crystals are both smaller and less cohesive than the larger crystals that form an impervious mass that cause fuel blockages in unconditioned fuel.

Technol® C-10 Corrosion Inhibitor: Technol C-10 is the water control specialist! With continued use it will effectively prevent further fuel tank/system rust and corrosion from occurring. Technol C-10 emulsifies larger amounts of water that common fuel additives aren’t able to handle themselves, and also melts ice. The presence of a free water layer on the tank bottom will in time rust out the tank, causing downtime, expensive equipment replacement, leak/spill hazards to the environment and possible EPA visits and fines.

Technol® D-Ice: Technol D-Ice is formulated to melt and prevent ice – period! If your fuel system is contaminated with water during cold climates, applying D-Ice will prevent ice from forming. If your tank is already iced up, Technol D-Ice will melt existing ice and then keep working to prevent this free water from re-freezing.

Biobor® JF Microbicide: Biobor JF eliminates growth of harmful slime-producing fungi and algae that clog filters and fuel lines, that attack rubber fuel system components, and whose waste products aid in the corrosion of metal surfaces.

Technol® 453 Diesel Fuel Conditioner: EPA-registered for on and off road applications, Technol 453 is a premium, year-round conditioner designed to improve diesel fuel to reduce fuel-related downtime and maintenance costs. Technol 453 prevents gelled fuel and ice, increases fuel lubricity 12%, and inhibits corrosion. It increases Cetane up to 5 numbers for faster starts, disperses sludge, and cleans the entire system. It will stabilize fuel and keep it “fresh.”


Fuel Blending Advice

We recommend that dealers use STR-2+ in Bioblends up to 20% for better performance and reduced handling and storing issues. When applied to the holding tank, the benefits of STR-2+are realized in that tank, and then, subsequent tanks on the trucks, and finally the end user’s tank. All with one application. Please refer to Technol STR-2+ description for all that our STR-2+ has to offer.


Preventing Corrosion

Our Technol C-10 Corrosion Inhibitor is designed to prevent water damage. We also recommend the use of STR-2+ to prevent corrosion. STR-2+ contains C-10, along with other components that provide all the benefits of a year-round fuel conditioner for the entire fuel system.

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