Why the Cash Crunch?

Why the Cash Crunch?

Jeff Simpson explains how to diagnose and fix in-season cash flow problems

Hedging Against Fixed Price Contract Defaults

Rick Trout and Jarrod Robinson, Account Managers for Hedge Solutions, discuss different strategies for hedging against a price collapse. You can reach them at 800-709-2949, rtrout@hedgesolutions.com ...

Five Reasons to Work With a Financial Advisor

Jeff Simpson, Managing Director of Angus Energy’s Advisory & Finance team, explains how fuel retailers can improve performance by working with a financial advisor. He can be reached at (860)299-3358 ...

Make Your Numbers Count

Bob Levins, a Principal at Angus Performance Advisors, says metrics are very important when there is little margin for error. He can be reached at 267-583-3071 or rlevins@angusenergy.com.

Credit Card Surcharging Now Permitted

Jenn Matthews, Compliance Specialist for Tiger Payment Solutions, discusses credit card surcharges and how dealers can pass them on. She can be reached at 781-585-4343 or jenn@tigerprocessing.com.