Reincentivizing Oilheat

State associations leverage Upgrade & Save programs for customer savings and retention

One Step Closer

Downstate B5 Bill Advances through New York State Legislature

Curtailing Excess Oil Output

The futures markets are solidly coming into a contango structure, where today’s oil prices are cheaper than prices in the future, a sure sign of current oversupply.

DOT Post-Accident Drug & Alcohol Testing

As we continue to delve into the various test types that DOT-regulated motor carriers are required to perform, it’s probably becoming clear to you that the FMCSA has specific criteria that must be me...

Bringing Air Conditioning to Developing Countries

In the U.S., nearly nine out of 10 homes are air-conditioned. Air conditioners are increasingly a must-have item. However, in many other countries, air conditioning is still a relative rarity. As the...