AEC Announces Fall Ad Campaign

EDITOR’S NOTE: The American Energy Coalition (AEC) recently issued the following announcement.

Following a very successful spring 2015 radio campaign, the AEC Marketing Committee has completed plans for the fall 2015 radio flight. The plan is to air a three-week flight over a five-week span beginning September 28th. The ads will air the weeks of September 28th, October 12th and October 26th. If for some reason the radio stations don’t have inventory available for the week of September 28th, the plan is to push the entire program forward one week. As was the case in the spring, the campaign will feature will be 10-second and 15-second total traffic and weather drive time spots.

Two new radio commercials have been created to draw attention to the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) report to Congress and research showing that Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil blended with 2 percent biodiesel is cleaner burning than natural gas, over a 20-year time horizon. Both spots have been recorded with male and female voice talent, and those four have been recorded with an AEC and NORA tag line for a total of eight unique new spots. When we add these eight new spots to the lineup from the spring there are a total of 36 spots for state associations to choose from. And, with half of the spots containing the Oilheat America (NORA) tagline, associations can choose to use NORA funds for some or all or the placement of the radio spots.

You can listen to the radio spots from this web address:


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